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Kaydon Resto Shaman Empty Kaydon Resto Shaman

on Sat Sep 14, 2019 5:03 pm
Character name: Kaydon
Character Class: Shaman
Character Spec: Resto (Mana Tide/Stoneskin Totems)
Notable alts: Smellybelly - Servers most hated Hunter
Years playing Wow: 15
Favourite thing about wow: Ultimate Co-op Game
Previous guild: SAVE Swedish guild that was loads of fun
Why I left that guild: Ended after vanilla
Goals and Aspirations while in Alpha Legion: Run the best guild on the server
Raid availability: Always raiding
How I heard about Alpha Legion: I thought I either join a crappy guild and take it easy or go all out and make a guild that will do things better
Who I know in Alpha Legion: Everyone
Hobbies: Walking my dog Koda (Leonberger born 18th Feb 2019), I coach American Football.
Favourite Quote: "What about their legs, they do need those...." & "That's no Orc Horn!" & "Blade, ready to die... I was born ready MF"

Alpha Legion Shaman
Guild Master - Original 3
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