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WooFeeR - DS Lock [Approved] Empty WooFeeR - DS Lock [Approved]

Thu Sep 19, 2019 7:32 pm
Character name: WooFeeR
Character Class: Warlock
Character Spec: i guess when hitting raids i'll be DS.
Notable alts: None
Real life name or Alias: Morten
Years playing Wow: Started out after first released, on and off for years. i quit wow after WOTLK.
Favourite thing about wow: Community, cooperative gameplay.
Previous guild: None
Why I left that guild: well...
Goals and Aspirations while in Alpha Legion: Raiding, being active in  friendly and helpful environment.
Raid availability: currently 17-00 workdays, every 2. week i am at full availability. every 2. week from 20.00(kid)
Joint Application (if so who):
How I heard about Alpha Legion: Friends and family
Who I know in Alpha Legion: Sysorax, Nikco, dumdup
Hobbies: Electronics(solder'n stuff), gaming and... hitting the pub?
Favourite Quote: ....
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WooFeeR - DS Lock [Approved] Empty Re: WooFeeR - DS Lock [Approved]

Thu Sep 19, 2019 8:34 pm
Approved. Welcome to Alpha Legion!
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