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Who are Alpha Legion Empty Who are Alpha Legion

Mon Jul 29, 2019 9:03 pm
Welcome to Alpha Legion -Stonespine EU

Our Story
Our 3 founders first began playing World of Warcraft in its Beta and shortly after release.  eventually just before we reached max level cap in vanilla we met via existing friends in a previous guild. Since then the 3 of us have kept in touch and met frequently. Together we have over 30 years experience of playing World of Warcraft and we all agree the loot system and social focused root of Vanilla is best. Now with World of Warcraft Classic available we have launched our campaign once more.

We feel that the progression system of Classic made us feel more connected to our characters. If you were a Shaman you had the mind set of a true support class who gave up max damage capability to assist others with totems, if you were a warrior you embraced the role of main tank and accepted those steep repair bills, if you were a druid you accepted the fact you had to heal... right...?

What to expect
We are looking for players who can dedicate themselves to Classic, who can commit to gathering their resources prior to raiding with the aim to raid throughout the week. You should have the mindset of wanting to be in a true community, we aren't expecting introverts to become extroverts but we are also expecting participation. Also you should not expect any aggressive group messages from other members.

We have a DKP system that will reward all members fairly and help you get the most out of raiding. Our specific system is EPGP (Effort Point Gear Points) Details on this will follow on the raiding tab but its our best way to make it as fair as possible for you to earn the gear you have want.

If promotion is you goal and to become more then just your character we have plenty of opportunity for you to become class leaders or general management within Alpha Legion. We want to find out what your great at and if its useful we want to get you doing that as much as possible. If you enjoy organising or leading then we want you to do that.

Rewards System: Because loot just isn't enough of an incentive. We have weekly rewards on raids, small groups and we are welcome to any other ideas.

We also have a discord server which we encourage you to use even when your not raiding. Whether your joining us with friends or by yourself we will make sure you have everything you need from us from the community side to the physical gaming side.

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