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Shenya, Prot warrior [Approved] Empty Shenya, Prot warrior [Approved]

on Wed Aug 28, 2019 10:07 pm
Character name: Shenya
Character Class: Warrior
Character Spec: Protection
Notable alts: none.. yet
Real life name or Alias: Rens
Years playing Wow: 14
Favourite thing about wow: Being a hunter. And yes, playing a warrior in classic.
Previous guild: you're actually the first one i joined. Felt right at home
Why I left that guild:
Goals and Aspirations while in Alpha Legion: Have fun. Maybe have some fun on endgame tactics.
Raid availability: Very hard to say, im a busy man..
Joint Application (if so who):
How I heard about Alpha Legion: People were talking about guilds in good old barrens chat. And i wanted the full classic experience so joined a guild.
Who I know in Alpha Legion: Lasernoises and Isanda
Hobbies: Volleybal, Squash, Obstacleruns, WoW and DotA
Favourite Quote: Me not that kind of orc!
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Shenya, Prot warrior [Approved] Empty Re: Shenya, Prot warrior [Approved]

on Sat Sep 14, 2019 8:26 am
Approved. Welcome to Alpha Legion!
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